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Kindle Fire HD & Game Circle

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD has, as its previous generation, received a lot of critique when it comes to apps that available to user from the Amazon store. A lot of these apps are actually games which are available for Google Play and/or the Apple App store but are not on the Amazon one. However, Amazon is working on combating thins issue and providing users with a much better experience and much more choice and options. And in this sense you might recall our previous articles about the Amazon Game Circle. Let us see what this feature has to do with the Kindle Fire HD and how it will optimize your user experience. So what is Amazon Game Circle? Well, in a nutshell it is basically a developer toolset and it is one of those nifty packages and APIs that allows the developers to add in global achievement tracking, leaderboards, game sync and, of course, social networking.
Amazon's Games Library There is a change in the Kindle App Store navigation since the New games category is now what is listed on the first page and a default category. Since gaming is a popular activity Amazon has taken a lot of effort to make both the hardware and the software of the Kindle Fire HD better optimized for this type of entertainment. Much of this is due to the new processor unit and the Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics core as well as the awesome screen. Another cool thing to now is that you can now see what your friends are playing, what their scores are and where you stand on the leader-boards in comparison to them. Some of the awesome games using Game Circle already include Jetpack Joyride, Where’s my Perry?, Skylanders Cloud Patrol and Temple Run. Have a look at this:
So what do you think about the new features?

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